Winter Session 2018

Beginner Classes

Free Trial Class: Saturday, January 6th, 12:30-1:30 pm, Studio Klaxson, 4055 Ste-Catherine St W, #129

New beginner? Register same day as free trial class and get a 10% discount.

10% discount on registration for students year-long!


Photo : Janick Houle

Flamenco Without Borders

Classes in two studios: Milton Park, and Westmount

Whether you live in Milton Park, the Plateau, Mile-End, downtown, Westmount, NDG, St-Henri or any other neighbourhood in the South-West of Montreal, you can study flamenco with Lina Moros. Beginner classes are given at Studio Klaxson near metro Atwater and at Ballet Divertimento near metro Place des arts.

Castanets: Have you always been interested in learning the castanets? Lina Moros will teach you proper technique as well as how to accompany sequences and dances with this beautiful instrument.

Contact Lina Moros for information regarding classes.

Classes at some levels are given twice per week. Although not compulsory, taking both classes a week will deepen your understanding of flamenco, build confidence and increase your ability to assimilate and enjoy learning more substantial choreographies.


No prior experience necessary

Designed for those with no prior flamenco experience this session concentrates on the basics; posture, getting grounded, taconeo (footwork), braceo (port-du-bras), palmas (rhythmic hand-clapping), vueltas (turns) and some basic movements that are fundamental to all flamenco rhythms. Although students will begin to learn a choreography, the first session is dedicated to learning the above-mentioned basics.

Studio Klaxson (Metro Atwater)
Saturday, 12h30-2 pm (Classes begin January 13th)
Price: $200 for 11 classes ($180 for same-day registration as free trial class (January 6th))


Technique and choreography(3-4 years of experience)

Ballet Divertimento (Metro Place des arts)
Monday: 6-7:30pm (classes resume January 8th)

Cost: $210 for 12 classes

Beginner II

Technique and choreography (One session)

Ballet Divertimento (Metro Place des arts)
Monday: 6-7:30 pm (classes resume January 8th)
Price: $210 for 12 classes ($423 for 2 classes per week)

Elementary/Intermediate (offered twice per week)

Technique and choreography(2-3 years of experience)

Ballet Divertimento (Metro Place des arts)
Thursday: 7:30-9 pm (classes resume January 4th)

Cost: $228 for 13 classes ($410 for 2 classes per week – Thursday and Saturday)

Studio Klaxson (Metro Atwater)
Saturday: 12:30-2 pm (classes resume January 6th)
Cost: $210 for 12 classes ($410 for 2 classes per week – Thursday and Saturday)


Technique and choreography (7 years and more of experience)

Ballet Divertimento (Metro Place des arts)
Thursday: 6-7:30 pm, (classes resume January 4th)
Price: $200 for 11 classes


Merci pour l'intérêt que vous portez à l'Académie Flamenco Lina Moros. Écrivez moi pour toute question. Je vous répondrai dès que possible. Lina Moros


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