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L’Académie Ballet Flamenco Lina Moros has dedicated more than 20 years to spreading the passion and beauty of flamenco dance. Parallel to her Professional career as a performer and choreographer Lina has given workshops and classes to the Cirque du soleil, L’École nationale du théâtre, and the Théâtre du nouveau monde amongst others. She gives regular classes at her own school, l’Académie Ballet Flamenco Lina Moros.

As of this fall both flamenco aficionados and those that would like to be, can follow their passion at two studios: Studio Klaxson, a rhythm-based dance school in Westmount, and at Ballet Divertimento, a well-known Montreal ballet school in Milton Park.

Whether you live in Mile-End, on the Plateau, in Milton Parc (McGill Ghetto), Westmount, NDG, St-Hendi and other neighbourhoods of southwest Montreal, Lina is happy to share her passion for flamenco at her school.


End of the year show 2013 (Bulerias, fin de fiesta)


Registration for full-time students year round.


Winter Session 2018

New Beginner Session

10% discount on registration same day as free trial class!

(see class schedule page)


Free Trial Class

Saturday, January 6th, Studio Klaxson, 4055 Ste-Catherine St W, #129. 


The Art of Flamenco – A Way of Life

A dance of passion and grace, the art of flamenco lies in the close relationship between song, music and dance. Born of the gypsies of Andalucia and coloured by its roots in the Orient, flamenco has a universal appeal. Flamenco develops the body – through movement, the mind – by mastering rhythms, and the soul via the expression of emotions. It brings us in touch with ourselves, and others, and if you open yourself to its power and its charm, it can become a way of life.

Flamenco was born of the first sob and the first kiss
(Federico Garcia Lorca)

Lina Moros flamenco


Merci pour l'intérêt que vous portez à l'Académie Flamenco Lina Moros. Écrivez moi pour toute question. Je vous répondrai dès que possible. Lina Moros


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